Peach air freshener essence

  • 100 ml of essential oil
  • Natural aroma with fruit aroma
  • It can be used in air fresheners
  • Suitable for commercial and office centers
  • Suitable for residential complexes
  • It can be used in beauty and service salons, sports clubs, massage salons and etc
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Peach air freshener essence is always welcomed as a fruity and well-known scent. This wonderful essential oil, with its natural fragrance, brings a sense of softness, freshness, and, most importantly, relaxation to the audience, while you can easily use this fragrance in an air freshener and Enjoy its aroma many times better because the air freshener device has an atomization system that converts the essential oil into a molecule that these molecules perfume space and in addition this method is very economical for the consumer and It can easily use Peach essential oil for a very long time.

usage of Peach air freshener essence

The peach essential oil has a very long life in the environment due to its stabilizing properties and eliminates unpleasant environmental odors in the blink of an eye. Some suitable environments for using this essential oil are:

• Commercial, office, and residential centers
• Beauty and service salons
• sport clubs
• Hotels and meeting rooms
• Massage salons
• Home and work environment
• Public Restroom

Maintenance tip of essential oil

To maintain and use Peach air freshener essence, it is necessary to mention a few points:

• Prevent essential oils from direct sunlight, heat
• Care for essential oils in dark and opaque containers
• Keep essential oils away from flammable materials
• Keep out of reach of children

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